Love for weeds

What is a weed?

Something we hate.

Wouldn't a weed-free world be great? AAAAHHH.............. no more weeds.

Too bad about the bees, though.

The "weed" label is subjective. And with regard to bees, downright awkward.

Not only is "weed" subjective from one person to the next, one place to another, but many plants solidly in the "weed" camp provide reliable food for bees. And have done so for millions of years.  Awkward.

Weeds are important to bees, let's face it.  They are successful, abundant species in many areas where there might not be anything else to eat at times. At the very least, weeds with abundant pollen and nectar should be tolerated in our backyards wherever we can stand them. 

I know, it's not easy sometimes.

Do you tolerate clover or dandelion in your lawn...?  Baby steps.

Do it for the bees!

Two books I've picked up since I started paying attention to 'weeds'..... One is the choice of professionals, the other of my late grandmother.

'Wildflowers and Weeds' is particularly good if you live in the upper Midwest or Ontario. But I also find it useful in the west. Gotta include Granny's dedication..