Wool carder bees

I have a new favorite bee...


AKA, "wool carder bees":

Wool carder bees are about the size of a honeybee, but have wasp-like yellow and black markings. The difference: BEES are stout and round-shaped, whereas wasps have a skinny "waist" and look like cold-blooded killers.

Adorable Anthidium bees scrape the wooly plant fibers off leaves, called "carding." Females use the soft fibers to provision a wooly nest.

And the males?  Too fast to photograph! 

Go see them!!

WHAT? Male Anthidium on patrol.  A must see.

WHERE? A sizeable patch (>1m square) of lamb's ear (aka rose campion) in FULL SUN


All photos are Anthidium females.  Pollen grains are visible, carried on the underside of the abdomen. 

Do you think she's waving at me? I like to think so.